I am currently based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

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My work applies anti-racism and Indigenous research to renewable energy planning and policy in Canada. As a government contract researcher and independent business owner, I have worked internationally as a policy consultant, trainer, and professional public speaker



When I was watching you on stage, I felt the exact same feeling I had while watching Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “We Should All Be Feminists” talk. Thank you Larissa for being so brave and brilliant. You said what needed to be said. 

Your words were more than just inspiring - your words are the change we need to see in this world! Larissa, they couldn’t have chosen a better person to be on the panel. I admire your focus and ability to speak up and stand for your beliefs when being disrupted. We, the youth, are proud to have you as our representative.

I have been following you for about a year and I am always so impressed and inspired by your work. Thank-you for existing and for finding and using your voice, especially in those times when you find it most difficult to speak.



I founded Larissa Crawford Speaks in 2018. Having been professionally public speaking since the age of 16 years-old as I was fundraising to start a library in Kpandai District, Ghana, I have always had a passion for sharing my education with audiences and did so throughout my undergraduate degree. Following my graduation, I have had more time and more demand for my speaking, training, and consulting services. 


Larissa’s work applies anti-racism and Indigenous research to renewable energy policy and program development in Canada. As a government contract researcher and independent business owner, she works internationally as a policy consultant, trainer, and professional public speaker.


Larissa went to Tkaranto (Toronto) to complete a Bachelor of Arts double honours major in International Development and Communication Studies at York University, and graduated in June 2018, Summa Cum Laude, with her 2-year-old daughter, Zyra on her hip. Experiences such as starting a library in Accra, Ghana, studying international law and volunteering in Istanbul, Turkey, and representing her university at several global United Nations events contributed to earning the $100K of scholarships and awards she used to fund her undergrad.


Larissa has worked with the Government of Ontario as an Indigenous Policy Advisor with the Ministry of Energy, Northern Development, and Mines, and as an Advisor at the Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate. Now based in Calgary, she works as an Indigenous Community Liaison with Calgary-based non-profit, Calgary Learns. In 2018, Larissa founded Larissa Crawford Speaks, extending her consulting, training, and speaking services to diverse clients working with renewable energy, youth upskilling, and policy. Larissa is a 2019/2020 Action Canada Fellow, studying policy and governance across Canada in one of the country’s most recognized policy fellowship programs.


As a volunteer, Larissa served as the 2018 G7 Youth Head Delegate of Canada, where she lobbied successfully for Indigenous climate action in the G7 Summit, and continues to do so through international energy ministerial forums. In 2017 she became Project Lead with York University’s race-based data collection initiative, and continues to work to implement the project as an alumna. She has leadership roles on several panels and committees with anti-racism missions, and volunteers as a Nike Women Role Model to promote health, self-care, and equity.


Larissa is an award-winning ribbon skirt artist and researcher, passionate land-based learner, and proudly passes on Métis and Jamaican ancestry to her daughter, Zyra.



York University, Toronto

Double Honours Major Bachelor of Arts, International Development Studies and Communication Studies
Graduated Summa Cum Laude 

June 2018

As a survivor of sexual violence, I advocate for land-based healing and communal support.

I had Zyra when I was 21 in the middle of my undergraduate degree. She was in class by 12 days old.

Action Canada Fellow, 2019/2020 Cohort

Research focus on workforce transition from fossil fuel industry to renewable energy 

In August 2018 I was diagnosed with Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, a chronic pain disability.

Indigenous Community Liaison

Calgary Learns, June 2019 to Present

Advisor, Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate

Ministry of the Solicitor General, March 2019 to June 2019

As someone who found their purpose through understanding ancestry, culture, and community, I am passionate about encouraging others to do the same.

Advisor, Indigenous Energy Policy

Ministry of Energy, Northern Development, & Mines, August 2018 to March 2019

Award-Winning Indigenous and Anti-Racism Researcher

I funded my entire undergraduate degree with ~100K in scholarships and internationalized my education.

I was brought up with teachings of the land, which have translated into a profound passion for hiking and outdoor sports



Many of my research contracts have been created for internal use of the organization or contain sensitive information, as is the case for most government contracts. For more information about the titles and topics of my research, please contact me via email.






Government of Canada CRA Research and Marketing Report

Researcher | Canada | August to November

Women's Forum Americas

Panelist | Mexico City, Mexico | May 29 to 31

Clean Energy Ministerial / Mission Innovation Meetings (CEM/MI 2019)

Panelist and Delegate | Vancouver, Canada | May 25 to 29

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Keynote Speaker | Calgary, Canada | May 9 to 12

Mosaic Institute Active Youth Summit

Keynote Speaker | Toronto, Canada | May 4

Millenial Womxn in Policy Meet-Up

Panelist | Toronto, Canada | April 27

#Our2030 Youth Climate Lab Research Studio and Pop-Up Labs

Speaker and Facilitator | Toronto, Canada | April 5 to 8

Ontario Council for International Co-Operation Webinar for Youth in Policy

Facilitator | Toronto, Canada | March 27







Booking with Larissa Crawford Speaks is simple- email larissa@larissacrawfordspeaks.com that includes the following information:

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  • AUDIENCE: For speeches and training, include the demographics and number of audience

Once an engagement is confirmed, I will forward an invoice to be paid up to two weeks following the contract completion. If I am unable to meet your request, I will put forward alternative and qualified speakers or consultant.


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