I am currently based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Email       larissa@larissacrawfordspeaks.com

Phone         647 462 6369

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I split my available time for training and facilitating between clients who contact me personally and those I am assigned to as an Associate Trainer and Mediator with St. Stephen's Community House, a Toronto-based non-profit organization.

Training & Facilitation

I am usually brought in to facilitate...

This training will include mediation skills, Indigenous circle training, restorative justice training

(These bookings should be done through St. Stephen's Community House)

Training in anti-racism most often includes topics of policy development, introspective considerations, data collection, and theoretical understanding

This training will take a more critical examination of terms and concepts in relation to inclusion and diversity, as well team-building exercises

This training includes a program I've developed to encourage one to strategically plan out their advocacy and activism in professional spaces while protecting personal well-being

This training is for high school or new post-secondary students on what to expect and how to excel, including internationalizing their education, volunteering, working on campus, and funding through awards, scholarships, and loans

St. Stephen's Community House

St. Stephen's works with individuals and communities primarily in downtown Toronto to identify, prevent and alleviate social and economic problems by developing and delivering a range of highly effective and innovative programs.

I was brought onto the Associate Trainer team in the Conflict Resolution and Training Department in August 2018, and am assigned clients seeking emphasis on anti-racism and inclusion and diversity training.

Sometimes we have a special guest join us...

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For-Profit Rate

Public Rate


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